The Association of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia, the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ural Branch of RAS, the Udmurt State University, N. N. Miklukho-Maklay Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of RAS and the Government of the Udmurt Republic organize XII Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia in Izhevsk from 3 July to 6 July, 2017.


The central theme of the Congress is «The mission of anthropological and ethnological studies: academic traditions and modern challenges.» In line with the central theme of the Congress, the issues planned for the discussion include the following: historiographical tradition in ethnology and anthropology (social, cultural and physical); interdisciplinary context of anthropology and ethnology; anthropological and ethnological education; political, social and cultural tasks and functions of anthropology and ethnology; monitoring of inter-ethnic relations; ethnic environment: integration and opposition; research methods of ethnic and cultural interactions; religions, inter-religious interactions and ethnic-confessional processes in Russia; migrants, diaspora, ethnic minorities; the categories of the Own, the Other, the Stranger: the problem of representation in subcultures and ethnic cultures; images of social groups, ethnic groups and territories; Eurasian integration; physical anthropology.


The Organizing Committee of the Congress received more than 70 applications for organizing sections and round tables. The sections selected by the Organizing Committee were grouped into thematic symposia.


Applications for participation in the Congress as well as summaries of the papers should be sent in electronic form (in *.doc or *.docx format) with a compulsory note in the subject line «Application to XII CAER, section number …» until 15 February, 2017 to the chairperson(s) of the selected sections; the copy of the application should be sent to the Organizing Committee (


The list of symposia and sections approved by the Organizing Committee is attached below.


Please note that no more than two papers by the same author may be submitted. In case that two papers are submitted, only one of them will be published in the materials of the Congress.


Participation in the Congress is agreed upon with the chairpersons of the sections. The summaries of the papers will be edited by the chairpersons of the sections and the editorial board.


The Organizing Committee has a right to reject the applications that do not meet the topics and academic level of the Congress.

According to the summited applications, the structure of the Congress can be updated.



Contact information of the Organizing Committee:


The Association of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia

Office 1820, Build. 32-a, Leninskiy prospekt, Moscow 119991, Russia.

Ms.Valeria V. Iliazarova, Executive Director of AAER

Tel. (in Moscow): +7(495) 954-89-53; fax: +7(495) 938-06-00;



The Udmurt Institute of history, language and literature of URB RAS

Build. 4, Lomonosov Str., Izhevsk 426004, Udmurt Republic, Russia

Mr. Denis A. Chernenko — Secretary of the Congress.

Tel. Izhevsk: 8-909-0554583; +7 (3412) 68-52-94; Fax: +7 (3412) 68-39-94;






The application should be submitted as an attached file named the following way:


section number (S)/round table (RT) (Arabic numeral) _ author(s) name(s).

For example: S-3_IvanovII


The application should include the following information (see sample applications below):


  •  Name (full)
  •  place of work, position, academic degree and academic qalification
  •  email address and mobile number or a landline telephone number (with area code)
  •  the title of the report
  •  the name of the section (or sections, but not more than 2) in which you plan to participate
  •  Summary of a report which should containno more than 200 words
  •  the need for technical equipment (overhead projector, etc.).

Applications will not be accepted in the following cases:


  •  in case they are sent after the deadline;
  •  if they are sent by fax;
  •  if the printed variant of the application is not supported with the copy of its electronic version;
  •  if they do not contain all the required information.